Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Do You Remember Summer?

Wading in Lake Michigan

Here in northern Michigan it seems like last Summer is a distant dream. Even though Spring will be here tomorrow, we are still up to our (insert your favorite anatomical part) in ice and snow. Right now, even the most die hard snow buffs are beginning to look forward to the return of the green time.

I've kept very busy during the past few months learning "The Fine Art of Internet Marketing." I've been especially busy because I'm studying under two great mentors. One mentor is Jim Gras with his Fast Track Group and the Prosperity Cast Network by Val Smyth. The other mentor is Jim Cobb who has FriendsWin University and the V.I.D.E.O. Team. Between the two of them, I have been accumulating a brain bursting amount of knowledge about websites, html, leads, lead generation, residual income, affiliate income, social networking and on, and on ... There is a saying that, "you can't teach an old dog new tricks." Well, at 69 years old, I'm trying to be an exception to that. Fortunately, for me, one of the things I am learning to market is a dietary supplement. That stuff seems to have something in it that keeps my brain, and the rest of me, going.

I may have given you the impression that I do not like the place where I live. In fact I really love it here. Even the Winter months have allowed me to pursue my new found passion for internet marketing. Where I live is a very beautiful and historically significant place. It is listed on, in their list of the "Top 10 Best Places to Live in 2007," as the number 2 most desirable place to live in the US.

In my next entry I'll tell you some interesting things about the area where I live.

Jeff Nash
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